Our History :
During the revolution in China in 1969, Mr. Tjan Thian Hok started his expedition from Anhai, Fukian province, Mainland China 7a to the South East Asia. Lawang was the first city he settled down as soon as he arrived in Surabaya port.

With the guidance of the family philosophy, he was able to sustain and advance in the society:
1. Respect your elders
2. Fulfill your promises
3. Everlasting learning interest on new things

UD Hakiki was established in 1969 in Surabaya as a sole proprietorship company. Hakiki is a company specialized in food and beverage ingredients. The company is family owned and it is entering the era of the 3rd generation. Hakiki started with its small retail shop located in the heart of Chinatown in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. In the early days, commodity products are traded and this resulted in high fluctuation of profit and loss, as prices are very much dependent on ever-changing world price and exchange rate.

In 1975, Mr Tjan Kok Pin, son of Mr Tjan Thian Hok was appointed as the successor of the family business.

Until 1977, the company’s main activity was still trading food commodity items. Experiencing in the risky business due to fluctuations and high volume, Mr. Tjan Thian Hok switched to bakery and food processor ingredients supplier. Until today the retail shop is located in China Town area at Jl. Songoyudan 59, Surabaya.

In 1990, the warehouse facility is built on a 3,4 hectares land with 5.000 m2 building area, near the port of Tanjung Perak. It has easy access to any destination, as it is located near to the tollgate, which direct to throughout Java island, Bali, Sulawesi, Maluku, and Irian.

In 1992, the company was restructured, changed its name to PT Hakiki Donarta and become a private limited company.

PT Hakiki Donarta has now 3 supporting subsidiaries, namely:

1. PT HD Fine Food I (Surabaya, East Java)
It was established to produce food coloring, essence, baking powder and bread improver

2. PT HD Fine Food II (Pandaan, East Java)
It was established to produce cake emulsifier, fruit jam, palm sugar and sugar powder

3. PT Java Biocolloid (Surabaya, East Java)
It was established to produce food stabilizer, alga, agar powder and hydrocolloid

Our Vision and Mission :
1. To increase our current sales turnover annually by 15 - 20 % growth

2. To expand our existing 6200 customers which made up of hotels, restaurants, industries and home industries, supermarkets, convenient shops, wholesalers, retail shops, bakery and biscuit manufacturers, snack and ice cream manufacturers, confectionery and beverage manufacturers, housewives and women clubs, and people in the other province

3. To improve the quality and standard in food manufacturing sector especially the food and industries

4. To extend our current distribution network reaching to whole of Indonesia and many area of Asia